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Welcome to Fotokinetic

Paul Biederman is an awarding-winning photographer based in Columbia, Maryland. He has earned degrees in Master of Photography, Master Photographic Artist, and Photographic Craftsman with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). He loves to share his experiences and knowledge. His main genre is nature photography, and more specifically, birds and macrophotography. Paul is accomplished in macrophotography, floral and animal photography, digital artistic painting, compositing and sports photography. He enjoys critiquing and editing photographic images, competing in and judging photographic contests, and teaching. He developed a passion for photography as a Cub Scout. He then learned and studied forensic photography during his dental residency and pediatric dental practice. Using the same camera equipment, he advanced to nature and macrophotography and taking pictures of his growing family. Paul created a darkroom in 1970. He learned to load his own film, develop and print. His mentors were certified professional hospital photographers. There was no internet. He learned through trial and error, at the University of Hard Knocks, reading literature, asking questions of photographers at the photo store, and two all day programs with Nikon. He continues to learn and apply the science and art of photography daily. Paul has no secrets and is both objective and subjective when critiquing his own work and that of others. hank you for visiting ....